Maker Profile Page - Bradford Hunt

Yes, THAT Brad Hunt, the man behind Bradford Hunt Designs.

Although I now spend most of my time designing and making custom knife handle material, I got my start nearly 20 years ago, making knives in my garage with minimal tools ...and even less know how.  Seriously - I made a Lot of mistakes, and if making mistakes is how one becomes wise, then I must be one of the *wisest* knifemakers on the planet. I'm kidding - I'm actually very aware that I know only a little and try to always remain a curious student.

I teach a monthly knifemaking class at the local (Columbus, OH) Woodcraft store. With my help, students assemble one of the Woodcraft knife kits with their choice of handle materials. Those who have chosen to use custom knife scales from Bradford Hunt Design quickly learned that the best way to dress  up an ordinary knife kit and really personalize it is with a nice looking set of scales.

When I do find time to do a little bit of knifemaking, I usually find myself putting together one of the Woodcraft kits. I don't have a lot of time and these kits can go together really quickly and then serve to both highlight the quality of knife that can be made from a nice kit and also the custom scales I make - nothing makes people want a nice shiny set of burl wood,  aluminum honeycomb and resin knife scales more than seeing them on a well made knife.

Right now, as far as custom knife work, I've got a few ideas of my own I'm working on (if I ever get around to them) and if you have an interesting idea for a knife that you'd like for me to make for you, contact me and tell me all about it.

Here are a few examples of previous work. Some of it is for sale and will be clearly marked as such, with a price, specs and purchase details.

Bradford Hunt push dagger
  • Push Dagger
  • 440C, brass, spalted tamarind
  • Blade length: 3"
  • OAL: 6"includes custom leather sheath
  • $165 - contact Bradford Hunt  to purchase
  • Drop Point
  • 1095, brass, buckeye burl
  • Blade length: 4"
  • OAL: 8.25"
  • $135 - contact Bradford Hunt to purchase
Brad Hunt Kukri letter opener
  • Kukri Letter Opener
  • 1085/15N20
  • hand forged, pattern welded, high carbon steel
  • fully hardened and tempered
  • Blade length: 6"
  • OAL: 10.5"
  • $85 - contact Bradford Hunt to purchase