Bradford Hunt Contact Info

*****Email... my preferred means of contact. Between text messages, and PMs, and IMs, and Messenger msgs, and facebook's all too much! If you have something important to say, and I hope you don't contact me unless you do, email is the best way...with the added bonuses that it's easy to archive and search and all that good stuff


614 397-6112

***Phone (& txt)

I get so many robocalls that I don't answer my phone unless I recognize the number/ you can call me but, if it's your first time calling I'm unlikely to answer. The best thing to do is send a txt message to my phone and tell me who you are, alert me that you'd like me to answer your call, (when you'll be calling...and why...I might be able to save us both a lot of time if you answer that one simple question - why? What is it you want from me?  Anyway, you're welcome to try if you'd like...but, I don't look at my phone every 5 minutes so it might be a while before I see it...


*Everything Else (Messenger, Signal, Instagram...)

I am on most of the other messenging platforms and use them all quite a bit, but between them all it is too easy to lose track of messages, so if you need to discuss something important, I prefer using email.


Mailing Address

First, how about you tell me why you need my address and then I'll decide if I want to tell you exactly where the Bat Cave is