Black Ash Burl & Aluminum Honeycomb Custom Knife Scales #21506

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Vacuum stabilized black ash burl is cast together with pearlescent multiple shades of green urethane resin in hand-set distressed aluminum honeycomb for super-premium custom knife scales.

Vacuum stabilization replaces the air within the wood grain with hard acrylic resin, rendering it impervious to dirt and moisture and dimensionally stable.

Urethane resin is the same material that skateboard wheels are made of so it is obviously very tough. It is easily polished to a high luster that emphasizes the unusual grain of the wood burl and pearlescent shimmer of the urethane resin.

The aluminum honeycomb used in these scales has been chemically etched for superior adhesion at the metal/resin interface. They are guaranteed not to separate or delaminate.

You can see construction notes for aluminum honeycomb at

The scales you see pictured are the exact scales you will receive.

Minimum usable dimensions: .34 x 1.95 x 5.96"


Proudly made by hand in Columbus, Ohio USA