Aluminum Honeycomb and Urethane Resin Custom Knife Scales #24028
Aluminum Honeycomb and Urethane Resin Custom Knife Scales #24028

Aluminum Honeycomb and Urethane Resin Custom Knife Scales #24028

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One-of-a-kind custom knife scales from Bradford Hunt Design are individually hand-crafted to the highest quality standards. The scales you see pictured are the exact scales you will receive.

Minimum usable dimensions: .39 x 1.90 x 5.95"


  • Urethane Resin: Professional-grade Alumilite brand resin is cast under pressure to eliminate bubbles. Crafted for durability, urethane is colored with dyes and shimmering mica powders, and can then be polished to a high luster for a spectacular finish.

  • Distressed Aluminum Honeycomb: Easily worked with ordinary shop tools and securely bonded at the metal-resin interface through a unique 5-step etching process, each piece is cut, shaped, and set by hand to form a unique, eye-catching pattern.

Although photographs can't fully capture the subtleties of the wood grain or shimmering resin, I refrain from using filters or other enhancements. Before polishing, the scales can appear 'dull,' so the faces are sanded with 220 grit and then wet with a glycerin solution to simulate their finished appearance. What you see is what you get, and if not, they can be exchanged or returned, no questions asked.

These scales are unfinished and ready for your custom knife project. Construction notes are available at

My Promise:

My name is front and center at Bradford Hunt Design because I personally craft every set of scales that leaves the workshop, and I stand behind everything I create. I genuinely care about your satisfaction. If you ever find yourself unhappy with the scales or encounter any issues during construction, I'll do everything possible to work with you and make it right.

Proudly handcrafted in Columbus, Ohio, USA