Aluminum Honeycomb and Urethane Resin Custom Knife Scales #23311
Aluminum Honeycomb and Urethane Resin Custom Knife Scales #23311

Aluminum Honeycomb and Urethane Resin Custom Knife Scales #23311

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  • One-of-a-kind custom knife scales from Bradford Hunt Design, each meticulously hand-crafted and of the highest quality.

  • The scales you see pictured are the exact scales you will receive.

  • Minimum usable dimensions: .42 x 1.94 x 5.96"



  • Urethane Resin: Professional quality Alumilite brand resin cast under pressure to eliminate bubbles. Crafted for durability, urethane is colored with dyes and shimmering mica powders and then can be polished to a high luster for a spectacular finish. 

  • Distressed Aluminum Honeycomb: Easily workable with ordinary shop tools and securely bonded at the metal-resin interface through a unique 5-step etching process. Each piece is individually hand-cut and set in place to highlight the twisted geometry of the aluminum hex.


Although photographs can't truly capture the subtleties of the wood grain or shimmering resin, I try to do so without resorting to filters or other enhancements. Before polishing the scales can appear 'dull' so I sand them to 220 and coat them with a water-glycerin mixture to simulate what they will look like when finished. What you see is what you get - if not, they can be exchanged or returned; no questions asked.

These scales are unfinished and ready for your custom knife project. Construction notes are available at

My Promise:

There's a reason my name is front and center at Bradford Hunt Design, and that's because I personally make every set of scales that goes out the door and I stand behind everything I make.

I genuinely care about your satisfaction. If you're ever dissatisfied with the scales or encounter any issues during construction, I'll do everything I can to work with you and make it right.


Proudly made by hand in Columbus, Ohio, USA