Quality Guaranteed

Although I take great pains to produce the finest quality custom knife scales available, sometimes there are problems...

Burls are natural materials that can have voids, bark inclusions or even embedded gravel and dirt.  If I find these flaws when I am cutting the scales I can either repair or scrap them.  Even so, you may find a flaw of some sort or another when you start cutting into the wood.  Much of the time, these can be fixed with CA (superglue), but if they can't and the scales are unsuitable for your purposes, I will replace at no charge to you.

I also take great care to properly treat any aluminum honeycomb or other inclusions so that there is a good bond at the resin-metal interface.  Even so, it's always possible for the resin to not adhere properly to the metal. Oftentimes, this too can be fixed with thin CA, but if it can't, I will replace at no charge.

Even if you get the scales you ordered and realize they don't look the same as the color shown online, are too big, are too small...anything.  I will work to make you happy even if the 'problem' is not my 'fault' - all I ask is that you do not cut or sand the scales before discussing with me so at least I can use them for something else if you can't use them.