Product Photography

The challenge in making photographic images of my work is simply that the shimmering depth and iridescence of the mica powders I use just don't come through in a photograph.  As tempting as it is to use one of the many filters available to try and capture that essence, I don't want anyone to be disappointed when they hold the actual object in their hands, so I have tried to minimize any post processing or enhancements.  I photograph under natural light and try and correct only for exposure and any 'off' color casts.

I use the Google Photoscan app which was originally designed to take pictures of know, like the printed on paper kind.  If I line the scales up properly on a white background, it takes 4 photos - one from each corner of the photo - then automatically deletes the white border,  processes any glare out and then combines the 4 images into a single photograph.  It gives the best representation I have found of what the face of the scales actually look like.

To simulate a finished appearance, saw marks are sanded out to 180 grit and then they are wiped with vegetable glycerin to bring out the luster.

Photographs of finished and sold knives are a combination of pictures I took and photos others shared with me.  They may have been 'enhanced' by some sort of post processing but since they are not for sale I feel no qualms about 'false advertising'