Notes About 'Bookmatching'

'Bookmatched' knife scales have been cut from a block that has been split down the middle and then opened like a book.  The 'insides' of the resulting scales should be the mirror image of the other, but special care must be taken to preserve this desirable effect.

Burl woods are prized for their unusual grain structure which can whirl and swirl in many different directions.

As you can see, the scales start out perfectly bookmatched but as more and more material is removed from the 'face' gradually changes until each scale looks completely different.


For this reason it is important, when shaping the scales for thickness, that material is removed from the back side to preserve bookmatching.

Obviously, material will have to be removed from the face of the scales as well and this may result in minor variations in the bookmatched pattern, but overall the effect will be preserved.

Because of the method used to pour the aluminum honeycomb knife scales, do not assume that colors in each individual cell are consistent throughout.  The aluminum honeycomb scales bookmatch effect can be destroyed by removing too much material from the face, so just as with burl wood, remove material to achieve proper thickness from the back of the scale.