Knifemaker Profile - Handle Bar Bladeworx

Handle Bar Bladeworx is Greg Griffin from Pawhuska, Oklahoma. Here is how he describes himself:

I spent most of my life making a living as a ranch cowboy! A knife was and still is, for me, a tool that goes on my belt or in my pocket, everyday, just like my wallet! I learned at an early age that a well made, well balanced knife is both an invaluable tool and can be a priceless heirloom! After my kids grew up and left the house, I needed something to do to occupy my spare time! I struggled through my first attempt and that was all she wrote! I was hooked! I have been building now for 4 years and am rapidly approaching 200 knives! I build mostly smaller, using knives and cater to the working man! Cowboys and construction workers who appreciate a quality tool! I have expanded my selections and added a few larger hunting type knives and an occasional kitchen knife! I wont build anything that I consider to be outlandish or nonfunctional and always strive to build a well balanced and functional tool! If I can, I try to add a bit of artistry to each knife by using only top quality handle material! I am very selective and very picky about the people that I buy from! Honesty and Integrity come first and foremost for me!
I build all my knives from repurposed steel! Rasps, files and saw blades are my materials of choice! I like the thought that I am able to take a tool that, to most people, has finished its life and turn it into another usable tool with an artistic touch!
Knife enthusiasts can follow all my work on my FB page, Handle Bar Bladeworx. I build mostly on a custom order basis, but do occassionally do some charity wraffles and fundraisers! Feel free to contact me vis FB, PM on FB, text or by all means just pick up the phone and give me an old fashioned phone call! Ill be glad to visit about knives, prices, techniques or just about whatever you wanna visit about! 
Greg Griffin
Handle Bar Bladeworx
918 550-2474